My new blog

Hi guys it’s me Amelie and now I’m going to tell you about my blog. It has…
.A blog page
.A link page
.A photo page
.A video page
If you want to learn more keep reading because it is very good!
So my blog is called wolflover1’s blog and you can get on to it by typing in on the top and if you want to watch any videos on my blog well… You can just go to the video page!
So if you want learn more keep reading still…
The photo page:
The photo page has…
1 photo of a Poochon Frise
3 pictures of cool wolfs
And I’m adding more tonight!
And if you want to learn more ask me questions of my blog!
I’ll keep blogging and telling you more!

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Famous mathematicians!

We have been finding out all about mathematicians this week. Have a look at the film trailer Eve and Priya made.

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The END of term!!!

Hello it’s Erin here and today I am going to talk about the end of term!

I have really enjoyed year 3/4m and I will miss you all when I move up to year 5/6.

I have made a lot of good friends over the last two years.

I can not wait to go into year five,after summer.

I really don’t want miss Collins or Miss King to go.


I am looking forward to making lots of new friends,and being in Mr Cowen’s class with some of  my friends,that I have made this year:)


BUT…… I do not want to leave this class:(

I hope you all have a good rest of term and I will see you  on my last ever post:( (in this class)

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True or false

Hi, it’s me Priya and today I am going to give you a true or false quiz, so let’s begin.

My favourite colour is purple.   True or False?

The letter T is a vowel.   True or False?

The first number out of all the numbers is 152.   True or False?

The world is a square.   True or False?

The world spins around.   True or False?

Cucumbers are a vegetable.   True or False?

There is such thing as edible paper.   True or False? 

It isn’t nearly the end of the year.   True or False?

So, that is my true or false post finished. See you next time, BYE! 

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My 2 really good friends!!!

Hi, it’s me Priya today I am back for a second my best friends post. The people I am going to talk about today are MILLY and SARAH! They are really good friends to me now and they never use to be at all. We now play together everyday and have lots of fun!

They are both really nice girls and I enjoy being with them.   

Milly: she is always there to talk to you when you have know one else and is a really good friend to have.

Sarah: always there to help everyone and is a really good friend to have.

These two really good friends are great to be with and I don’t want to leave them when I go into year 5.

So, that’s the end of this post. See ya, BYE! 🙂

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Special visitors

We had a lovely treat today when Zamin and Sophie came to visit our English class. They had made The most delicious pizza for us to try. It was such a treat. Thankyou both of you.








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Would you

Hi, it’s me Priya and today I am going to see what you would do. So let’s get started.

Would you kiss a toad?

Would you try to kick your bedroom door open if you were locked in?

Would you dance with a monkey?

Would you try annoy your parents if they didn’t let you do something?

Would you pretend you were sick for the day so that you could miss school?

Would you eat as much chocolate as you wanted if you were allowed?

Would you share a bed with a polar bear?

Would you love to have a dinosaur as a pet?

So, before I finish, this is what I would do: I would kiss a toad, I would try to kick my bedroom door if I was locked in, I would dance with a monkey,I would try to annoy my parents if they didn’t let me do something, I wouldn’t pretend I was sick for the day so that I could miss school, I wouldn’t eat as much chocolate as I wanted if I was allowed, I wouldn’t share a bed with a polar bear, and I wouldn’t love to have a dinasour as a pet.

So, that’s my post finished, please let me know what you would do, I would love to find out. BYE!

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We have been learning how to use I-Movie this week in class and it has been great. Have a look at what Anya and Erin managed to create!!

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Creativity By kasey

In creativity this week we have been doing things we haven’t done before. It has been really fun. This week we have used knifes to cut open tomatoes into quarters so we could count the seeds. Me and Holly had 61 seeds in our tomato.

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How year 4 has been

Hi it’s me Priya, and today I am going to talk about how year 4 has been. Well, I have quite enjoyed it and it has been a lot of fun!

GOOD TIMES:                                                                                                                     I have had quite a few good times in year 4, but the best one was probably when I became really good friends with Milly and Sarah. I have enjoyed playing  with them and do not want to leave them. I did enjoy playing with Anya and Erin a lot but then, after a while I began to play with Milly and Sarah.

SAD TIMES:                                                                                                                         This year I have had a few sad times and they have all happend just recently. I have been quite upset and felt a bit left out some of the time. Not sure witch day it was but, I got very upset and started to get a few tears in my eyes. The only people I really had at the time were Milly and Sarah, who are now very good friends to me.

ALL THE FRIENDS I HAVE/HAD:                                                                         Milly, Sarah, Erin, Anya, Eve, Jodie, Charlotte, Laila and more, I just can’t think?

WHAT I ENJOY IN THE CLASS:                                                                                           I enjoy a lot of things in the class especially art! Art is one of my favourite lessons along with science, English, and handwriting. And I will tell you something else that I like in the class, my teacher Miss Mulholland! She is a very nice person who is also very kind. I also enjoy circle time when we play games and share feelings.

CREATIVITY FORTNIGHT:                                                                                                 So far, I have really enjoyed creativity and what I really like is the new creativity fortnight tables, on mine there is Me, Milly, Sarah,  Reece, Connor, and Alex. Every single day Milly, Sarah, Connor, and sometimes me all sing Do You Wanna Build A Snowman! It is great fun.

THE END:                                                                                                                                   So, thats the end of my post for today. Have you enjoyed year 4/3? If you have I would love to here about it. BYE BYE!

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